Interview with Agnieszka Stram

Hereby an interview with the Polish musician Agnieszka Stram.Within the coming interview we will talk about the insights of her work,as her private life.

It has been a while doing interviews with indivual artists asking questions not only about the band,release and all the stuff that comes with it.Her name is AgnieszkaStram(maybe some of you already know her by name,or since her mom is an artist who runs her own gallery with icons and drawings),an comes from Polen.Not only we will talk about her latest release,but also the background and other musical influences.HelloAgnieszka,please enlighten the reader abit who you are,and where your from…

Well, hi as you mentioned before I’m Agnieszka Stram, I’m from Poland actually from a small city Sanok (it’s getting bigger).

You are nineteen now but have released quite some material already.Which bands are you currently involved in,and what can we expect the upcoming year.

Yes, I have much to do, I will be very busy for this time. I am involved into a local band called Zataroph, for this time we haven’t any material but we’ve finally came into this part where we can have our own rehearsals, at least it became a very big thing we are very excited to work together, guys are awesome and really keen to work, so I’m good with it like them. What can you expect, that’s abit hard question, you know… I work completely spontaneously, for sure you won’t be dissapointed, it’s gonna be full Death Metal based on 80’s album so I’ll give the best of me this time.

Over the years you have been influenced by quite abit,and even told you are basically a fan of the 80’s Metalmusicscene.What influence did that have on your guitarskills.

Indeed, from Death Metal only Chuck Schuldiner was my teacher, whe I’ve heard him for the first time I was palsied and then the first thought of playing guitar came out it wasn’t a big thing but it was rising in me. Of course very big influence was guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen or Jason Becker and I also must admit that if they weren’t exist as a musicians, I wouldn’t exist like the beginner too.

You play a Fender Strat,which basically is used a lot in the Rockscene,so it’s pretty remarkable using it for a DM sound.Why the choice in a Fender.And what other sort of instruments are you capable of.

Yes, you’re right, for the first look you would say that buying Fender Strat. To play Death Metal is kinda funny and incomplete but in use you would change your mind, trust me. I actually use Fender with Mesa Boogies and Fender Amplifier and if you work on it you will get a very impressive effect, your guitar may sound like BC.Rich or something but it still looks different. Fender was my first electric guitar so I always will play on it till death but I have in plans to buy BC.Rich. because is better prepared and equipped for heavier sounds, you can play on lower tonations etc. I also play bass, in time Im gonna learn play drums.

When was it when you basically learned to handle the electric guitar,and what's the difference between now and then.

05. That’s funny, cause I still think like I can’t handle it, I mean I would play many things but not all, there are many instrumentalisations that I couldn’t play at all, otherwise the difference between then and now is really huge, the new skills in playing and knowledge about equipment is impressive how much people can learn, I’ve lernt many thing like tapping or shredding I remember when I was watching Yngwie and dreaming like if I were there, if I played like this… (Still I’m a dreamer hahaha).

You told in your biography about you fathers healthsproblems,and he basically was forced to move to Vienna in Austria.What impact did that have for you,and of course your way in seeing things in different perspective.

It wasn’t about my father actually about me, father is healthy I hope, I’ve had problems with head, it was aching and the pain wasn’t to handle so I moved to Vienna for a 2 weeks to make some researches. My father moved to Austria cause he divorced with my mum and he keeps in touch with me but he has his own family now, I live with mum we are really close with each other, the impact was easy to see, I didn’t miss anything, everything is on it’s place, maybe some things that was too hard for me I put into the guitar.

You have quite some studio experience(since your fourtheen,three years  spending there from time to time,and recording.You must feel really privileged doing this.What is it what you have learned so far of spending some quality time there.Will this be the same studios for a upcoming release,or are you aiming for something that brings your bands a step further.

Hmm, privileged is abit to heavy word but maybe let’s say that I feel more confident at working, it used to be a good times, I really loved to spend time in there, now I know how to use much of plugins and virtual instruments, only drums but trust me how much does it take. Hmm, I don’t think so, I mean I have in plans to make a contact with owner of studio but if that’s not gonna happen I will record it in home at least. You know this is both-sided thing I mean, if my won project Leproseey will go on the Zataroph will go on to and I will carry it on until death.

With the time in the studio,was it yourself who taught everything how it worked by observing,or did you get some guidelines during that period.And who was it showing you the this side of the musicbranche.

I own everything to Marius Wojton owner of ECP Studio (Emotion Coverting Plant) he taught me so much, you know what’s the best part of it ? The best is that he didn’t give me any lessons, but we’ve had a contact, we’ve liked to talk about everything the most about studio of course, he became actually my buddy and also a teacher so saying that he didn’t give me any lessons I ment that I understood and was learning by talks and conversations, indeed, by work. I was in studio about a month ago and when I’ve heard my first recording I thought I will die from laughing, he still has the whole material. I wanted to greet him and say thanks.

Your first instrument was a classic/Spanish guitar.I assume we will be hearing some use of this in the near future as well?Or is there material recorded with it already?

Yes it was, a good Spanish/Classic guitar I actually bought it cause of nylon strings, they are soft and doesn’t hurt like later acoustic metal string. I remember when my next purchase was acoustic guitar and I’ve had operated fingers, because the strings severed fingertips it hurt like hell. In the next album I have to admit that I wasn;t thinking about recording a classic guitar until now, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea, well, yeas you’ll be able to hear it. And for this time as I can remember there isn’t any material in which I recorded classic guitar but there are some with acoustic.

Like mentioned earlier,you are inspired by alot of influences,and even country.How much of these styles can we expect in the near future,and maybe even released under your own name?

Yes, before my life turned into metal I used to listen the basics of country and blues and glam metal, hard rock, I’m very into Brad Paisley inspiration and bands like Motley Crue, Skid Row, Ratt, Lita Ford or Def Leppard. I had a material in studio where I sing, compose rock stuff, they are much delicate then this what I’m doing now. But in the near future I think there won’t be done by me nothing but Death Metal. One of the conjectures or even plans is, when I left school I will take this Hard Rock material and move to Vienna and there find some labels but that’s under my own name.

In time you learned how to use amplifiers and samples.This of course is a large privilege,and even can work you more faster than the normal musician who only knows to deal with the instrument.Any particular plans with this privilege as well?

 It’s not as is seems, I mean, I miss real playing, recording, it much gives but it also takes away a lot, the computer is doing everything for you and I don’t like when something or somebody does the work for me, I’m a individual and perfectionist but for my own hand not for computer, so I don’t see any advantages of that. Maybe the one is that I can to something for free, right ? But there won’t be any memories, any member that I could laugh with, any places to see, new studios or something, everything is the same, equipement is still the same and mentally of work.

After all the studio experience  ‘Morderisk Ensomhet’ started.What does the name mean in English,and also should stick to your origin,which makes it quite interesting for fans to check out…

Hmm, Morderisk Ensomhet is the past it ment Killing Lonelliness and it has a bad past inside, I was pushed to change the name cause of rights so, let’s keep that it’s the past now the Leproseey is rising, the same material and projects just the bandname was changed, is more Death metal and better reflects myself. Yes it should stick to my origin, that’s one of the reasons that I was pusched to change it, Leproseey anyway is not of my origin too but it’s more world, I feel better with it.

You also have another band called ‘ Despicable Decapitation’ where is more melodic stuffs and even parts of the Death record ‘Symbolic’.Seem you are quite fund about this particular record,and even can hear it back in your guitarskills.More bands like this you really like?

 It’s not a band, it was my second demo album when I worked as a Morderisk Ensomhet, but yes there are parts of Death of Symbolic Mountain and some of them. About the guitarskills I think that when I recorded Despicable Decapitation I was a kid (juts to compare) now I feel adult holding the guitar. Of course I could play many covers of Cancer or Obituary.

In februari we can expect som new material from you,doing vocal duties.What can we expect?

Yes, I’m working on it, now im into recording bass and then vocals on the album. What can you expect… The album wil have about 16 songs, it’g gonna have Side A and Side B. I don’t know yet how Im gonna call it but just for a trial ‘Fatal Defensive’. The vocals are going to be really low and evil, I am going to record my voice, otherwise I will find someone that would to this like Chuck Schuldiners growl.

Enlighten us please what it is what you will be up in the next upcoming period musicalwise…

I saw many things in other light, I think that music lyrics and music will be connected with misanthropy, the any circumstances with religion cause I completely indifferent in that case, I don’t care about that so I won’t be any for it and against. I have one text about religion but I was about telling truth about a pathetic people away from death metal world moreover, this is the first and last thing about it. I want clever and well-thought lyrics, not from the darkest side of my mind but cleverest.

Your final words …

Thank you for an interview, for sure it will help Leproseey and Zataroph to carry on, I wanted to say thanks for people that listens to Leproseey and friends, family. You know for the first time I started to treat this project not like fun but like work, the best feeling in the world. Thank you once again, work will go one in time.

Agnieszka Stram, Leproseey.
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